Download only when data is there


I have a scenario where i have to download the item only if its present else skip,

I am attaching the 2 screenshot on how screen looks when there is download item and when there is not. and also loafing the workflow too. help me fix.

CDI_eform_AdditionalDoc.xaml (29.6 KB)

HI @indrajit.shah

I went through the attached workflow… But I’m not sure what exactly the problem you are facing here?

its not working properly, sometimes its skipping to download and treating it as it is blank.

do you have any better option that i can use?

Just use Image Exists and select the "There are no documents " picture.

If you already did this then idk

i tried but its not a good fix, i had to grab the scope every time i run it.

Let me check your xaml file

Have you tried the element exists activity instead of image exists?

I would put everything in Attach Browser activity, maybe that will help UiPath studio to look for the picture

currently i am using the element exist on the blank trans. where its showing “there are no documents”

@srdjan.suc, my this workflow is in attach browser only

Is that the same workflow you shared? it looks different to me because I cannot see a variable NoDocument here…

Sorry my mistake, its a different flow but even in this flow also its same, i used the different approach here but still result is same.