Download Office365Message

Is there a way to download an Office365Message similar to how ‘Save Outlook Mail Message’ works?


  1. Install UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities package.

  2. Follow all below steps to configure office 365 with UiPath.

  1. And then use Get Mail activity to read the emails and it will give output as List of Mail Messages.

  2. Use For Each loop activity to iterate one by one mail from list of mails and inside use Save Mail Message activity and pass mailmessage object to save the email.


The problem I’m encountering with this message is due to the output of the Get Mail activity not being of type MailMessage Array but is instead Office365Message Array.

When I Save the Mail Message as a .msg file it gives an error when I try and open the saved file:



Hi @Caleb_D
Were you able to solve this issue?


I was not able to save the mail as a .msg file as I had originally intended. I ended up just saving it as a .eml file instead using the method described above by lakshman. Outlook can open both and .eml looks very similar to .msg

Oh, thanks. The problem I am having with .eml is that it’s not displaying well, it only shows the header, subject and recipients. :frowning:

That is interesting as my .eml looks practically the same as .msg, message body and all…
at one point I was having issues with the .eml looking off, but I realized that my package version was not updated to the latest version.

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I finally achieved it. Same, I had to update packages and also read the email as HTML, if it’s not read as HTML, it will not display as expected.

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