Download new added files in a browser

Hi everyone,
I want to download files from a specific website but this site keep adding a new files everytime so any idea how to skip dowloading all the files eachtime and only getting the newly added ones to the same directory, and thanks.

@Aymen_Ftiti Welcome to community!

Is there any column/section where it shows the file upload time?
can you share a small screenshot of info how the file name & timestamp look like?

Thanks my friend, looks like the new guy have been caught hhh
here the screenshot you can see there is plenty of rows each of them has a reference when i click on it, it redirect me to a new tab where i can download a pdf file and this list can be escalated randomly(don’t have a specific time for each addition), so what i want to do is to download only the added files from the last time i consulted the site(the first time i have to download all files).
What i intend to do is to extract the page as a datatable and to store it inside an excel file and from it i can verify if the reference exist foreach row is it right?
thanks for the help