Download multiple PDFs from webpage

Hi, I want to download multiple files from a webpage and save them all in a folder. Is there any way to do so instead of clicking it one by one? Thank you. Here is the link that shows the files I want to download: English Free Worksheets Primary 3 - SAP Education (

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It’s possible with two ways in general

  1. If we want to do without UI interaction then check whether that web app has API Integration
    If yes then it’s very easy


  1. If there is no api integration then there is no other go that we have to try with UI Interaction
    But there are multiple ways to do this without multiple clicks

With Data Scrapping method we can

For sample workflow

Cheers @Katrina

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You can use this xaml
TestA.xaml (11.2 KB)

  1. you do data scraping as follows (see screenshots) (1st value = 1st link , 2nd value = 2nd link), then tick extract URL

    1. loop over extracted table and call http GET to download each file in the table
      note - resourcePath is the downloaded path, in my xaml i just download to the project folder
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Thank you for your suggestion, the robot works.

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