Download multiple files from webpage (number of files vary)

Hi there,

In our candidate management system we have a webpage where there is a table with a URL and couple of other fields. This is where I can find all the visa related documents for a particular candidate.

I want to be able to download each of the files for each candidate.

To note:

  • Candidates may have anywhere between 1 - 5 files. This is not consistent. So one candidate may have 3 files and another may have just 1.
  • It is a mix of .pdfs .jpegs and other files.

Appreciate any ideas. Cheers!



Have you tried with Data Scraping ?

If not then try and it will give you output as dataTable. Use For Each Row activity to iterate dataTable.

@lakshman Yes. I certainly have. Unfortunately the URL for the file download is not the direct outcome of the webpage+the data scraped with the file name so I cannot use that method.

Thank you Lakshman :slight_smile:


Then how you will download the files ?

If we will click on that filenames then will it download or not ?

I am now stuck on that as well, i have followed this link download automatically and i managed to download but cannot download dynamically

Hi @Mokate can you explain ur scenario?


I have scrapped a website for DocumentsName and URL/links and saved them in the excel file, i then went and read the excel file to get the urls so that i can download documents attached in those links, however those document types vary it is not only PDF’s how do we save those, look at the youtube video i have attached it shows the method i have used for downloading…

Hi @Mokate

I hope i had answered ur query through this link


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