Download multiple files from external Portal using Reframework

Hi ,

In one of my project I am downloading files from multiple external portal , and copy the data in to another sheet this process run daily.

I have designed this process like, it download the files in a temp folder and copy data each file data to another sheet and delete that temp folder at end of the run and create new temp folder daily when BOT runs.

my question is - if one of the files download failed is it possible to make the BOT rerun for those failed steps , how to achieve this ? or I need to leave it to user to do manually ?

You could use a Do While loop and after download check if it succeeded. If not the condition is false and you try again. Just make sure you don’t have a indefinite loop so max the amount of times it runs. So f.e make the condition downloaded=false And tries<5

Hi Kim, thank you and agree with you , but if after 5 retries if it still fails is there a possibility I can try the download next day for pervious day date along with the daily downloads or rather making process more complex and leave it to manual download by user if download not successful for that day, this is an exception scenario.

Because end of this process is to merge 5 days file on 5th day and save the sheet.

You can at the beginning of the 5 days make a tracking file with the dates and files (or ex portals) and keep track if it is successful (fe in config file). Then every day you also check if you have any open files that you still need to try.

Then if at the end of the 5 days you have tried it multiple times, than if it is still failed you can send it as failed to a user for manual download

Thank you Kim , it makes sense now.

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