Download multiple files after authentication in Browser

Hello, this is my first question here, so, apollogies if i make something wrong.

I have a process that, login in a intranet, search for new posts and after that store the name, Subject and url from download.

After that i open this excel file and try to download from the url that i already have inside, but all
files is corrupted (the activities that i used can´t work with GUI authentication).

is there any way for some activity to download files performing the authentication or should I download it by opening the page and clicking download?

Obs.: I tried these two actitivies already

Hi @lucas_barros

Did u mean that u can’t go to the url without authenication ?

Can u confirm that please?


Nived N :robot:


Because of that i think i have to use attach brownser inside of the already login brownser if dont have another way.

Yes that would be appropriate method

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