Download multipe file from subfolder on website

Hi everyone, I’m a new to UIpath. I have a problem is: I’ve a project that require to download multiple file from subfolder on website.
It’s like a tree structure which you have to click to the end of each root to get the file you want. To specify, there are 4 big folders, each one of them has 4 subfolders and each subfolder has another 3 folders inside and finally there are excel file to download.
The point is I don’t know what loop should I use to access all these folder to get excel file ?
Thank you

Welcome Nguyen_Dinh_Hinh,

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I upload the tree structure for this situation.
Because every step is on website so it has delay factor and some guys suggest I should use " children activity" to determine the selector and handle this as a variable but I don’t know how to use it either.

Hi @Nguyen_Dinh_Hinh
Can you please share the website address from where you need to download

Well, this is kind of sensitive infomation, we don’t allow to share that.

hey @embephudon , @Nguyen_Dinh_Hinh , @Sagar_Gupta1 , @Mohsin_Inamdar Please help me I am also stuck in these situation