Download list of pdf files from web

Hi someone can help me to download list of pdf files from web.

Hi @maru_ashok welcome to forum

Try with datatscrapping and iterate through each url to download the file


Nived N :robot:

But I am getting message that, data scrapping is not supported to that activity.

for ur better understanding kindly refer below the details,

Dwg Nos
D001500 info.pdf

so considering the above pattern kindly suggest to download those pdf files

Can u share the screenshot of that page ? @maru_ashok

As it is secured, i have sent the only with related content.

Hi, i have a similar issue, i am still learning and i have not found a tutorial that touch this.
I want to download those files i don’t know which activities to use for that, here is the URL:

Hi @Mokate , check this workflow (2.4 MB)
It is running fine
What i had done is

  1. use data scrapping for extracting pdf names and associated url
  2. loop through each url to download the pdf and saved in folder

Hope it helps you


Nived N
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Thank you very much Nived