Download link to install 2018.1 Studio and Robot

Hi All,

Can i get the download link to install 2018.1 UiPath Studio & Robot please, since we are using the Orhestrator version of 2018.1.3.

Thanks in Advance.

Madhusudhan Govindaraju

I don’t see it available in the normal downloads (2018.1 is out of support, LTS/FTS is expired as of Dec 2018), but in any case, historical answers for a download will direct you to the CE or Trial download, or to reach out to Support directly ( I don’t believe UiPath shares the download URLs publicly ).

So your best bet is to reach out to the Support team through the contact form or get in touch with your account manager.

If this was the version you started with, you should also have a reference to the download with your license agreement.