Download indefinite counts of attachments from IE

Hi all,

I am currently working on task, to search for a “invoice” and download all attachments.

I struggle to create flow, which will download all attachments.
Thing is there is no a option to download all at once. There could be zero, one or multiple attachments at same time uploaded in system, one below the other one.

I was thinking something like, click on attachment, click save, check if there is next attachment, YES, click on attachment, click save, check if there is next attachment, NO, search next invoice.

Any thought on this topic?

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Can you please Post a Screenshot, so WE have more Details on the Attachment links.

In General with the find children Activity the Attachment links Could be retrieved and later be used for downloading

Here is how the Browser interface looks like, attachments are always in last column added as hyperlink. Click and download. But there can be zero, one, many lines with file. This is all I can show due a safety reason.

Can you post the selectors of first two hyperlinks of the attachments in the browser @Ivito?

Thanks @HareeshMR was my next question as Well

Are one or more invoices with links presented in the Page? Does mean: are all available links refer to one invoice or Not?

I have excel file with invoice numbers and date. BOT can searches and finds only one invoice at the time due interface limitation.

Meaning to say it shows attachments related only to one specific invoice.

Once again I have to hide and change few info, hopefully this will help.

First hyperlink selector


Second hyperlink selector

@Ivito you have shown the selector for table cell TD element. Can you Grab the selector for A element or Post a Screenshot from uiexplorer expanded visual tree.

In General find children or maybe Data scraping Could solve the problem

Use find children and configured the selector to the table MyJournalTable

Configured the Filter to the a element

As the links are Not direct children configured the scope to find_descendants

This should Return a list of uielements representing the links. In a for each Loop each uielement can be Passed to a click Activity and be used for init the download

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