Download Images from Chrome

Hi All, I would like a way where you can download 1000 images from Chrome.
I understand that a URL is required and have tried data scraping where I extract the URL from each image but doing so only comes up with blank rows.

Any suggestions in how to overcome this would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

if you have the url, then do:
New"url", "filepath.jpg")

What I am saying is that I don’t have the URL or the method of data scraping for lets say searching ‘Apple’

So using data scraping no URL’s are being found

you didnt say in detail before, those images do not have url, they are added to the page with their actual content like this:

and that can be converted to an actual image…

Would it be possible if you could show me a solution in how to do this. I am very interested in the possibilities of where this can lead to

after you use get attribute (src) in those images it will return a string like that, the you will need code like this to get it back as an image:
'Setup image and get data stream together
Dim img As System.Drawing.Image
Dim MS As System.IO.MemoryStream = New System.IO.MemoryStream
Dim b64 As String = base64string.Replace(" ", “+”)
Dim b() As Byte

'Converts the base64 encoded msg to image data
b = Convert.FromBase64String(b64)
MS = New System.IO.MemoryStream(b)

'creates image
img = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(MS)

Can it be dynamic where you ask the user what images would you like to find and then do this sequence?

i dont see why not :slight_smile: