Download files with particular date and save, same procedure for preceding seven days


I need a help, i have to download files(csv) from a website. so I have to start with a particular date (suppose 11/11/2021)
{click on date Filter > from 11/01/2021 to 11/01/2021}
and download the file, rename with the date. Again, I have to download the preceding 7 days and rename with respective dates. Any suggestion to do it, Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ping_Pong

Please find the sample workflow,

Main.xaml (8.6 KB)

It will loop through dates(can check using message box), and also places a type into for dynamic filename(use this type into when type the download filepath).


Hi @prasath_S ,

Can you please share the file in zipfile format because the main.xaml saying invalid. Thanks,


can you update all the packages and try again, also share the screendhots and code below,

code inside the foreach,

enumerable.Range(0,8).Select(function(d) now.adddays(d-7).tostring("dd/MM/yyyy"))

syntax in type into,

"FileName " + item.ToString + ".csv"


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