Download files which contains certain word as its title

I am wondering if we can download files with certain wording… I would like to download several files which are titled as “2021_confirmed_XXXXX…”. Could we make a program to download such specific files? I would like to have such program for my company’s internal platform. I am wondering if this is even possible…

Hello @Carmen_F ,

It depends from where.
If there is the posibility to read the file name, for sure you can put an If activity like with a condition like this: Title.Contains(“2021_confirmed”)
If contain, continue to download, if not, just skip it.
The second option is to download all of them, and just dlete the files that does not contain specific words in the title.

high level ideas. I hope it helps.


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Hi @wasea ,

Thank you very much for your advice and forgive me for not being able to check your comment. Your comment really helped me.

For now, I found it difficult to create an ideal program for this case, but maybe I can make a program for another occasion.

Again, thank you for your support!


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