Download files from Webpage

Hi Need Help, I need to download files daily from one website,
The file name will be the date (ddmmyy). I need to check for this file in the webpage and the bot should automatically download it.

Hi @Manikandasamy

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You need to provide more details about the task you want to perform. What might be the difficulty you are facing in achieving this task?

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  1. I need to trigger a bot to download a file from webpage(Need to know which activity I should use)
  2. The file is having the name as “DDMMYY” and everyday the file will be placed in the webpage.
  3. The bot should monitor this page for the file placement and if the file placed it should automatically download from the webpage and save in my local drives.

what type of activity I should use to perform this task


Seems simple enough

  1. Use monitor events (if it is attended) or you can run an infinite loop (with a specific exit condition for exceptional scenarios)
  2. Check/launch webpage in the above loop and check for the ‘DDMMYY’ file name element whether it exists and whether it matches your condition.
  3. Subsequently if and when it appears or exists download it and repeat the process.

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PS : get back if you have any other leading queries.

Thanks for your feedback.
Let me elaborate my steps.

  1. Start - > Open browser - > Logged in with user name & password
  2. in the portal I used the click option and reached the file.
  3. Now which activity I should use to find the file and download the file.?
  4. I want to run this process whenever a new file placed in the website.(DDMMYY is not static, everyday the file name changes with the current date.

Here are the details I need,

  1. Does the bot run un-attended.
  2. Is it a .net or broswer based app.
  3. Do you have Orch. enterprise or community?

Or You can try Data scrapping or Screen Scrapping with input dialog or Excel sheet Using their Strings as variable (Which will be the format of The files you want to download) and provide that variable into Type into Activity.

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  1. Yes
  2. Browser based application
  3. Orch

If there is a download button which opens the ‘Save As’ window then just click on that button in the website and then deal with the save as window.

If there is something else you have to do then please provide more info… I am unable to understand what the issue is… :slight_smile:

Hi @Raghavendraprasad,

I have difficulties entering a path on the “Save as” window and also selecting Save with “Recording-Desktop” function. I also tried to use “Send Hotkey-> “Enter”” way and it still doesnt work. May I ask how you would recommend me to direct a path I want and select “Save”?



which browser you are using.

if this question is still relevant :rofl:

I don’t know which browser you use. I use Chrome.

After click on download button which opening the ‘Save As’ window, you need to use ‘Attach window’ activity (is used for desktop applications). It needs because ‘Save as’ window is a Windows component and Scopes ‘Attach Browser’ & ‘Open Browser’ working not stable with him.
To save file: Inside ‘Attach window’ scope you need to put in ‘click’ & ‘type into’ activities to choose file path & click ok.

P.S. It’s ok to use ‘Attach window’ activity inside ‘Attach Browser’ or ‘Open Browser’