Download files from Google Drive


I want to know how can i download files from Google drive or any shared network drive.
Can anybody help me please?

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Can you advise what have u tried so far ?

i have paassed the url of google drive in the open browser activity and then i m using send hotkey activity to download it but i thhink send hotkey is not workig fine. Is there some other way u know???

Can u share your work flow file. or screen shot of each activity provided it does not have any confidential data.

May be share the screen shot of the Send Hot Key Activity and also the screen shot of the Selector in the properties pane , so that i can check the selector properly.

Please take a look.

Main.xaml (12.9 KB)


looks like the Screen shots folder is missing and I can therefore not see the images.

Selectors missing in the activity as well, coz .screenshots folder is missing

Anyways I am able to co relate things, untill I see the selectors I would not be able to advise why its not working.

actually i was using send hotkey to select all files and download them.
But as soon as i click on the download button,it disappears. So someone from the forum added last two sequences and sent it to me. yet its not working.

can u suggest me on the same thing how we can capture disappears button on this kindly help me

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Hi @venkatpspk

There is a GSuite integration pack on UiPath Go! that might change your approach:

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Did you Find the solution to it. I am stuck with same problem.