Download files automatically

Hello Guys,

I want to click on a file from webserver and download it automatically to a destination odrner.
There are several files on the webserver (docx,excel,pptx,xlsx)The selecters have to be dynamic so he can work through one file after the other, who has an idea?

best regards Chris

what are the properties for that file element…?

Maybe I explained it wrong sorry :frowning:

With “Attach Window” I open the page.

"Assign" is in “to” a String variable be called selector
Value is “<webctrl aaname=“filename+” Name=’=‘0AL0_76bd2’’ tag=‘A’ />”

"Click A" there I click on the file
in selector i have my selector variable

then the error comes with InvalidCastException…

Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.Value cannot be converted to type Seytem.String.

AND then the file should open and be automatically downloaded into my download.

This Picture Shows the files on the webserver: