Download file window in IE


When I’m practicing web automation, I encountered 2 types of file download window:



I wonder is it able to change some settings in IE so that IE will always show the first (or the second) window when download a file?
Thank you in advance.

Please refer to this article:

Hi @Masatoi

I’m not sure whether there is any configuration to change to appear only one type of download method. However you can try something like this…

  1. Check whether one type of download option is available using element exists activity
  2. use a IF condition to check whether it returns false or true
  3. If it returns false, You can then check whether the other download window is available by using another Element Exists activity.
  4. If that is true, then you can continue on that.
  5. If both are false, nothing to do there
  6. If the first option is true, then we continue on that…

So, basically your If condition checks and do the download based on what download option that appear

Hope it helps

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Hi Alin,

Thank you for the reply; however if I disabled the download option I can no longer download the files to disk…

Thank you Lahiru; I’ll use this solution before I can find any settings to tweak :grinning:

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Hi @Masatoi,

Disable IE download option & perform

If it is random when one box shows up and when the other does, I would advice you to use the parallel activity such that you wont have to wait out the entire timeout 50% of the time.


hey @Masatoi or Anyone reading this thread,

Do you have the solution to the question asked?

Even I had seen 2 types of download window dialog box dynamic. Is there a privilege to opt for only one.

I see the solutions of everyone saying to check which windows comes and work on it.
But I don’t want to do that, I Specifically want the window 1 from the question.

Because, when window 2 comes it slows all the other activities following it.