Download file from web and email that file to someone

Hi all!

I’m trying to build a robot that clicks through a couple of pages on a website then clicks a few filters on the website that sets parameters for a file download, then downloads an excel file. What are the best tools to use to get this file emailed to someone?

Hi @Brennan_Montoni

Use send outlook mail message activity if outlook is installed on your machine or use send SMTP mail message activity

In the property of these activities, there is an option called attachment give your full filepath in it… thanks

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Thank you @prasath_S.

Let me know if anything required and please mark it as solution, if your issue is resolved…thanks


How would I get the file to download to a specific folder after clicking download on the website?

After click download is it ask to type the filepath?

I was able to do it with Wait for Download. Thank you!