Download file after authentication with open browser

Hi Everyone. With the activity “Open browser” and the subactivities “type into” and “click input” I can authenticate with my user name and password on the site and open a session. After that I would like to download files with a known download link in this session. However it does not work. Not with the activity “HTTP Request”, not with another “Open Browser” activity.
e.g. session link: “
download link: “

Can anybody help me?

Thank you in advance.

@Andreas_Muss - Is the download link available in the same browser?
if yes - please try to do a right click action on the link and perform the save option…

Yes I use the same browser (standard browser and in the open browser activity is the internet explorer).
Unfortunately there is no normal link. Normally there is a text field where I have to enter a tag, then a suggestion is made on which I have to click and only then the link appears. But I have saved a link and so I know how the links are built. For a browser session I can enter the link in the url field and then the file is downloaded…

@Andreas_Muss - you can try below

  • instead of clicking the link
  • get the url from the link (use get attribute activity) ( if you know the generation ->but its good to capture the link url)
  • use navigateTo activity → pass the url
    -it will use the same browser and download the file…

Hurrah. Great!!! :slight_smile: It works. One last question how is it possible that the download works automatically. One button appeared andI had to click the “save” button or “save as” button.
Thank you very much!

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@Andreas_Muss - thats great!
you can click on save/save as based on your requirement (to choose the filepath/format)

Great. Everything works. :slight_smile:

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