Download File activity


Simple activity to download to a local file the data from a URI. Two parameters as input, the network address and the local file path.

Also, we could have another one that will work in a browser context. If the resource requires authentication, we can use a Browser scope to authenticate and then download the file.


This should be driven by community.


how simple steps!


Hi @setareh238 , @Silviu , @badita and @ovi ,

I have created a new package to download the file from url. (3.9 KB)

Sample Url : “

Give me your feedbacks…


How to download multiple file using HTTP

Hi @balupad14,

I tested your activity and works fine :slight_smile:

Still, I would suggest a few small changes related to UI:

  • “InPut” should be “Input”.
  • “NetworkAdd” - maybe use a better name like “Network Address”, or URL.


Hi @Silviu,
Thank you very much for ur feedback. I have changed the properties name as your suggestion.Here I have attached the changed one.



@balupad14 i am getting following error


Hi @indra,
Thank you for updating the error. In the “Filepath” , you have to specify the file name also something like “D:\uipath\sss.pdf”.



@balupad14 in the below link to extract file you have given same name for two activities for download file and to zip or unzip files also its not working


Hi @indra,
I didn’t get your exact point. Can tell me which name ? Which one is not working ?



Hi @balupad14 Can you tell how to zip or unzip file using below activity


Hi @indra,
I will explain and attach you by sample in some more minutes.


HI @indra,
Please take a look the below . It has the sample and picture representation also.



@balupad14 Its very useful activity but from below image you can see activity name is Download File,UnZip File (s) is not given but in the zip file the actvity name is ZipFiles (s) is given


Hi @indra,

Thank you. I will update it in the next release.



Hi @indra,
I have published a new version of the activity with new custom activity. I have changed the name also for your suggestion. I think you convince with name.

Thank you