Download file activity picking .tmp file issue

Thank you @loginerror for working on this fix.
Thank you @ptrobot for the workaround workflow for this issue.

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Waiting for this fix


I got same error while downloading Zip file , it showed cannot find file at “downloadpath\somename.tmp”


I’m currently facing this issue, I tried the workaround mentioned above but that did not work for me as the file name never changes from *.TMP! Please someone help

Hi @Ali_AF

This might not be a full proof workaround, but if you can extract the URL of the file you want to download, you may try the HTTP Request from the WebAPI activity package to download it by making a GET request and saving your file via the ResourcePath property:

Is there a work around for studio x?

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Is there still no solution for this? maybe UiPath should remove this activity if it is technically too sophisticated to download a file from the internet…

Hi @Frei_Janick

We are investigating the issue and a fix is currently scheduled later this year.


Yes just write your own While loop that looks for the file and doesn’t exit until it finds it.

Does this mean current UiPath “Wait for download” activity could get “tmp” file in some situations and there’s no way we can avoid it(wait till “tmp” turns into a real file, then get it) until the fix is made later this year?

Appreciate if you could give any advise on workaround.
Thank you for your support!

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@kotaro.hirano I am attaching the workflow for the workaround to download the file. Let me know if that worked for you.
DownloadFile.xaml (9.3 KB)

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Small update. Next release should include further improvements to this activity.



I am facing the same issue. Wait for Download activity sometimes gets a .tmp file…
I work with studio 21.10.3 and latest version of activities.

Thank you for further help.


Hi @SylvainTbr

Could you maybe provide more details around the webpage that causes you this issue?

Would it be possible to share a dummy project that reproduces this issue for you?

Hi Maciej,

This is on a specific web application i cannot give you access.
But the file i try to download during my tests is only 2Mo and i put 120 sec of waiting time in activity parameters. File usally download in 5 sec max.


Any chance you could maybe report it via our technical support who would then be able to collect some extra information in a confidential manner?

It might require some specific investigation for us to be able to properly reproduce and fix the issue.

Just write your own Do that checks for the exact filename, not for any file to be created (which is what the Wait for Download activity does).


Thank you for you help Paul and Maciej.
I tried using retry scope activity :slight_smile:
It seems to be working fine now. I will test stability of this solution but looks pretty good.


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Work Around for this issue:
Inside your wait for downloads activity, use a “DO WHILE” with condition FiletoDownload(0).ToUpper.EndsWith(“.TMP”) where FiletoDownload is a array of files in download folder.

Assign downloadedFile = Directory.GetFiles(Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.UserProfile) + "\Downloads")

This will keep the wait for download on hold till the actual file exists, rather than using a manual delay

Prerequisite for this workaround: keep download location clear.

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UIPath provided a solution!
The latest UIPath.System.Activities preview release 21.12.0 comes with an enhancement for the ‘Wait for Download’ activity which allows to specify extensions to be ignored.
I just tried it with Chrome and it works.