Download file activity in Gsuite failing

I’m trying to download a file in shared GDrive the functionality was working normally for more than two months. From past 2 days i’m getting a error like the

Download failed after 0 bytes. Internal Server Error

Checked the drive space and the file size all are normal. file size is of 54 MB and storage sapce used is also 54 MB.

The drive has only utilised 884MB of storage . so storage is not a concern.

Can someone advice on fixing this issue. As this download was working normally for more than 2 months(Daily download) and suddenly statrs failing.

Note:Failing at Download File activity in GSuite.

Tengo el mismo dilema alguien puede dar solucion ?

Hi @sai_prasanth - did you try configuring scopes again? I faced a similar issue and was able to resolve it by re-configuring the scopes in the GSuite Application Scope activity.
With some changes and updates that Google makes, the scopes for my activity fell ut-of-place.