Download error

I’m on chapter 3 of the RPA starter training, specifically in the section titled Activities in UiPath and trying to download the Sample_ID.png file. Received an error stating “failed-needs authorization.” Please advise.

Hi Sahar,

It’s a simple png file. I was able to download it easily at home. May be, you are not signed in. Or, may be there is a company IT policy preventing you from downloading. Try using another browser or changing internet settings, or else contact your Tech Helpdesk.

Thank you Aseem. I was able to download it today, strange that it wasn’t working the other day. I didn’t do anything differently!

Hi All,

I am facing the same downloading error issue with all the files in the Business Analyst Training module.

All the files that are available for download shows an error message “Failed- Needs Authorization”.

Can anyone please help?

Please let me know if you were able to download the files. I am facing the same issue.