Download Drivers from Dell sites

How do I make the flow, So that it will click to the mentioned driver, as given in the screenshot?

1)Opened Dell site
2) Entering the model no:
3) Click Support and Product support.
4) Click download and Drivers
5) Click Laptop
from here how do I make Automation project, So that it will click on the Particular Driver as given in the excel?


Try using click activity,
Make it a dynamic one, if in case you want to click on each & every name in the downloads list section.

This might help… Thanks

As you said I tried to make dynamic with the variable which is Shown in SS. But I am getting an error **Can not find the UI element corresponding to this selector. For your reference, I am attaching a screenshot. Please help me to Click Dynamically.


In aaname, try to give * at the end,
If it doesn’t work, please share the selector of the click activity of that link.


Will to iterate to next

I didn’t get you,
Try using click, on the above link and share the selector once.
The static selector, so as to figure out what goes wrong,




Yeah, in the dynamic selector which we have passed, we dont have Driver Details in the aaname attribute, & thats why its not able to identify the element.

Just try to give * after the name(Downloads.tostring) in your dynamic selector, and check whether it works or not…


You mean in this way
<webctrl aaname=’*’"+download.tostring"’+ parentid=‘search’ tag=‘A’ />
If I am wrong please correct me ! :slight_smile:

Hi @ramkrishna2k3

First read the excel and in for each row read the single row value of Download column and then store it in a variable then by using the dynamic selector just identify the aaname or innertext and just pass the variable to the value to it.

Ex:variable name=var1
Dynamic selector:
<webctrl aaname=’"& var1 &"’ parentid=‘post_9’ tag=‘A’ />

I have done this I am getting Output but when I click by giving the variable its throwing error. Please check the SS in this topic.

not before, give the * after the Downloads.tostring,

You Mean in this way. If wrong please write !!

“<webctrl aaname=’”+Downloads.ToString+"’"+*+“parentid=‘search’ tag=‘A’ />”

Please try this one…

“<webctrl aaname=’”+Downloads.ToString+”*’ parentid=‘search’ tag=‘A’ />”

It Throws an error “Selector is not valid”

Hi @ramkrishna2k3
Try to directly select that element manually and check what is the selector and share that screenshot buddy, lets what it gives us
Cheers @ramkrishna2k3

Unable to clicked the required link. Any how I have collected the URL in excel and automated, it is working. . Thanks for response.

Static Selector was :