Download Attachments from Outlook

@venkatmalla6 variable for outlook

@Myshudhage then the output which you stored as mailid but in for each the input you given is email change the input to mailid

@Myshudhage and also in for each activity in properties panel change the argument from object type to net.mail.messages

i have changed the properties as well if possible can you share your email id so that i can share my program with you ?? for better convenience

@Myshudhage i sent you mailid have you seen that.


I am struggling with downloading attachment.

I am not sure , where i am doing wrong.


yes i have and mailed you back as well @venkatmalla6

@md.ahtesham are you getting any error or it just simply closing.

its simply closing that it has been executed
but there is no op in my attachment folder

It is not giving any error , if you check the last screenshot over there i am able to get email subject but even though attachment is present , it is giving value as 0 .

@venkatmalla6 - Can you please check at your end on community edition if it is working .
I am using Community -2019.7
mail.Activity - 1.5

i am suspecting it as kind of new bug , earlier it was working and infact i have automated a lot of process on email.



I want to save an excel file from outlook. what are the steps please. I am new to UI path


Hi Sob, I want to just read a mail with subject, open the excel and save it to a particular folder. How can I do that?

@sonirajr in get outlook properties in filter condition give like this “.xlsx”

I am very new to UI path, what are the steps or flow chart/sequence to run the activity please

I want to learn more but need a start as how to use this activity

@sonirajr use

  • get outlook that give your account name and mention the folder from where you want to download the attachments.and below you will find filter condition there give like this “.xlsx”.
    and below you will find output messages give the variable to store the mail messages.
    -now use for each activity and in properties panel change the out argument into mail.messaes.
    -inside the body use save attachments activity in that give item in first place value and below it mention the folder where you want to store the attachment.

Thnks, I will check this and will let you know how it works

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Hi @sonirajr,

Hi, When I am trying to add filter on properties, its giving error as subject is not declared, and same for Output messages

Hey, do you know if this was ever resolved? I am having the same issue

Studio v:2019.10.4
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.7.2 or later