Download attachments from emails with a specific subject

inside message box? or separately ASSIGN?

Use assign

k will give a try.

I understand i am deviating from discussion but i need some help.

My bot should go and search emails from multiple sender’s which i mention and also emails having patterned text which i am passing.

How can i use the pattern matching and also make the bot fetch attachments only from particular sender addresses.

mail.Subject Like (“Something,123,xyz") Or mail.From.Address.Contains(";;@xon”) AND mail.Attachments.Any

The above doesn’t work, please assist.
I need help in retrieving attachments from
1.multiple sender addresses(sometimes only pattern such as’’)
2.mails having particular subject lines/a pattern which i am passing.

@Faraz_Subhani mail.From.Address.Contains(";;@xon”) u can’t like that. you should use separate contains for all those three statement like mail.From.Address.Contains("”) OR mail.From.Address.Contains("”) OR mail.From.Address.Contains("@xon”)

@Manjuts90 Thanks a lot, it really helped me and yes it works.
One small query, what if i want to download only PDF attachments from the mails and skip others.

Thanks again for sparing your time and helping me out.

Like below give give “.pdf” in filter option in save attachment activity


Hey, thanks a lot, that works perfectly but if i need to download all .pdf and .doc attachments, i tried using “.pdf,.dcox” in filter but it doesn’t work.

@Faraz_Subhani try with 2 save attachments activities give filter as “.pdf” for one and “.doc” for other. It may work, give it try.