Download attachment/file from web page


I am looking for some advice on how to download attachments / files from a web page. I have tried a number of ways that have not worked. What I want to do is for the bot to scan a webpage or area of a webpage and look for an attachment or downloadable file. Each web page can have a different number of attachments / downloadable files usually in PDF or .htm

Would anyone know the best way to go about this? Is there anyway the bot can look for files that are downloadable on a webpage? Anything that is downloadable (I click it and the ‘save as’ pop option appears) I want to download. The files would all be named different on each web page.

Any advice would help. Thanks

@Cormac I would suggest looking into the source code of the page you are viewing. Look for common attributes for each of the downloadable files. If you can find one, it should be possible to set a generic selector.

Can you share the website you attempting this on?

@cormac Can you please share the details or screenshots of the website?