Download attachements from gmail to a specified location

Hi, Can someone please help me with workflow on how to download attachments sent from a particular sender in Gmail to a specified location only?

@Ruchita_Patil Ref below video

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step 1 : getmail

step 2 : iterate the output of getmail

step3 : in if condition mention like item.sendermailadress.tolower.contains(“mailidwantto match”)

step4 : in then part use save attachment activity

Hi @Ruchita_Patil

Please refer these,



I tried, but got the following error:

Get top 5 mails: Invalid credentials (Failure)

Hi @Ruchita_Patil

Try using "Get Imap Mail Message " Activity and pass the Property of Get Top as 5 and loop through the mail using for each and use “Save Attachment” Activity to save the attachments.