Download attachement from Jira

Dear community

I am trying to download a file from a Jira issue.
Using the Jira activities I am able to get the url for the attachement but when calling it with Http request activity I get an incorrect file it seems to be related to authentification method.
How should I parameter the authorization in the Http request with my Jira API token?


Welcome @STARKLOFF_Geoffroy

I’m not personally familiar with Jira, but here’s some general tips:

Log the result and the status code of the http response that you get back. The status code in particular will help you know for sure if it’s an authentication issue.

A quick google search returned some documentation at, you could try looking up your endpoint in there and seeing what parameters it wants.

Additionally, I typically use a tool like Postman to test API calls before attempting to do them with the bot. It’s (in my opinion) a little bit easier to quickly test different headers or parameters in a tool that’s built for it. I’d recommend that you do the same.

If you want to download all files form an issue you have here a dedicated activity:

If you want to do this only from REST API commands you have here a video for this:

Cristian Negulescu