Download and Install Enterprise Version

Where do you get the official .msi or .exe for the Enterprise version?

Do we have to download the installer from the “Trial Enterprise Version”, followed by activating the paid license?

I read that it can be installed raising for a support too. Which support page will that be?

This is the contact page where you can select Technical Support :

To install it, you can download the trial from here

Hi @c.ciprian,

Thanks for the response. So installation for a paid license would also be from the trial page, is that the case? Or should it be requested from Tech Support?

It’s the same. You do not download it. You fill in a different form for the download and you get the link in the email.

Yea I got that. I just thought that a different installer would be provided. Thanks for the clarification.

Would you happen to know where the Orchestrator installer can be gotten from? Would it also be from the same trial page?

Same trial page