Download a file from storage bucket - external API

Hello to you all

Is it possible for a client of mine (not connected to my organization network) to create an API that will downlead a specific file from my Orchestrator storage bucket?

what do I need to enable for this except adding his user to orchestrator?


but the orchestrator is based on your company’s VPN and eternal connection can not interact with that if not connected through VPN so anyway you need to have them over the VPN to interact with orchestrator and its entity

As Rahul indicated, a user whether they are part of your organization or not, they need to be able to route their request over the network to where ever your Orchestrator is located. The complexity of setting up the network routing is going to be dependent on your infrastructure.

  • Community/Enterprise Cloud
  • Private Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • VPN Access to your Private Network
  • Exposing your Orchestrator to the Public Internet Directly
  • Exposing your Orchestrator to the Public Internet via Proxy (e.g. Azure WAP)
  • etc.

Another alternative is to configure additional Storage bucket providers to a provider that is accessible to your Orchestrator and your client and have them directly access the underlining storage. The caveat here is they won’t have the meta data stored in the Orchestrator Database to match to the storage objects… So you’d have to come up with something to expose that as well to avoid them doing any trial and error.