Download a file form a web page IF is verify a specific condition

Hello to everyone,
I’m setting a sequence that have the function to download invoice received only IF is verify a data condition that the user can type into a box message before the download.
For example IF the column “Data ricezione” is equal to the data into the box message (typed by the user), so click in XML to download the file and save it in a specific path.

I’m a beginner and for me is difficult figure out how can i do this action for all the row in the page (for all the invoice)

Somone could help me in setting the sequence?
TKS you so MUCH!

Hi Daniele,

I would suggest you try first by seeing how you can work with the data, can you extract the table as a data table and just use your condition as a filter? That way if you can save your datatable results to excel, it will only give you the name of the files that meet your criteria without having to use a for loop. Once you have the rows generated in Excel, you can try clicking on the item to download perhaps based on one of the values in the column.

The best approach would really depend on how the data on your webpage is setup. Sometimes you can get the information you need directly using the extract datatable, but sometimes you may need to use Find Children, in which case your solution may look a little different.

If there’s anyway you can inspect/interrogate the dropdown space and anchor it to the file name, you could use the values stored in your excel file as a variable and use that a a unique factor in your selector to make the bot only download the xml for a file where the file name matches the name from your excel sheet.