Downgrading Studio

I want to downgrade my studio to 22.10 but I simply can’t find the installation link/ file.
Somebody share please.

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Here you go

But generally, if you are using a community edition, it is not possible to downgrade the version whereas if you’re using enterprise edition, you can download previous versions from orchestrator

So uninstall if you have already installed community edition or enterprise edition in your machine and then try to download, install the above file

Cheers @J_Crosby

@Palaniyappan if I got you right,so if I download with the above link I will automatically get version 22.10.4 for community edition?

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Can the topic be closed?

Yes, I believe @J_Crosby


Ideally if you are community…it wont allow you…you can install but it might not work till you upgrade…or would prompt for it continuously


I am on community and it wont downgrade. I just have to work with the updated version.
Thanks guys for your time.

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As expected…because its community version rule


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