Down load PDF activities issue

I have encountered a problem when I down load PDF activities from manage packages ,all the resource is can not connect and show me an error message ,use other device is ok.


Can you go to “Settings” right there, and select the source called “1” and remove it by clicking on the ‘-’ button.
Then, click on the ‘+’ button to add it again and choose a non-numeric name, like “Go!” or “Community”. For the path use:

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I have removed “1”, and the resource : already in my package resource ,I try again it is not work .![无标题3|500x500
Actually Ican not down load any activities from “official”

Oh, so that feed is already there called “Connect”.
Can you select “Connect” on the left side under All Packages and try to search again?
Let me know what error you get.

I found a post that might be helpful to you.

I’m not too familiar with this error, so hopefully the post linked helps you out.


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