Dowloading documents from SAP webclient and moving them to a created directory

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Currently im working with Uipath and i’m having a hard time with dowloading excel filles and pdf filles from the SAP webclient and moving them to a created directory. My goal is to make a Secuence that creates a directory every working day, Afther that is should visit the SAP webclient and dowload the needed excel and pdf files, then it should save the dowloaded files in the created directory. I tried Data scrapping but the excel file that is created doesn’t separate the given information. What also seems impossible is moving something to a path that is only created ocnce you start te sequence. If anyone could help, that whould be appriciated greatly

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credte directory every working day,

  • you can use path exist check and if it exist then use same directory else create directory with“dd-MM-yyyy”) format.

I tried Data scrapping but the excel file that is created doesn’t separate the given information.
-to download excel or pdf you dont need to do data scraping, there must be options to download, kust need to download it.

Hi Divyashreem
there is a option to download but when i do the excel file is automatically opend and it doesn’t allow me save Uipath doesn’t allow me to filter the tables in excel as wel. I need to download the documents from sap filter it to so it only shows the needed information afther that i have to save it in the directory i created in the begin of the process.
Could you maybe make a demo for me cause i dont understand how to use path exist.

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i have similar process,
where you can download that is excel format or in txt format,
once you download as excel (you will be providing file name and path to download),
if yes then you can just use read range ans select query to filter data,
else if filter is always a same then
write one VB script to filter
open excel and
ALT+F11 this will open macro window,
select sheet,
paste your code and run.

if you can download as text file, open excel go to Data tab
from text, select delimit and finish
now you will have data in excel format and you can apply filter as mentioned above.

Could you send me the process cause i’m have a hard time doing it myself.
when i’m on the SAP webclient and cllick on the dowload option it automatically opens the excel file on the laptop it doenst give a option of providing file name and path to download.

Sorry it’s my client process I can’t share it

Is there maybe a demo or anything you can send wich i could use that isn’t for a client?
At the moment i don’t realy understand what i have to do in Uipath Studio.