Doubts on template input

Hi, am having email template as attached sample below. where i need to pass the input arg values in some places. how to can i proceed with this!


Thank you again for choosing US as your agent!Please find attached your will automatically renew on date.Late year choose a mode with limits for the practice rate of $<<>>.this year extra discount of 10% & yuor are elegible for 10% discount is $<<>>/Year.each year we will send copy via email in month .we will send invoice out via regular mail around month&day .

In the highlighted are i need to pate the input arg value. is there is any effective way to do this!

Effective way in the sense, you need easy way or the best way?

I can say that, you need to assign the entire string to a variable of type string and then change the required values in the required places and then pass the variable to the body.

And the best way according to me is building a HTML for the text you have and use it in the body so that you can send the formatting as required

can we hold in string more than 260 char? & i dont no how to work on this!! if possible can i get a flow?