Doubt with syntax


I have created a list that is composed of a series of dictionaries. My intention is to rescue the values ​​by iterating the dictionaries on the list in order to get the items that are saved in each dictionary. For this I want to use two for loop,

In what way can I reference the dictionaries so that they are accessible and can take out the items?

What is the syntax that would allow me to do this?

I enclose an image in case it serves as an illustration.

Thank you very much in advance

Something like this?

TypeArgument for inner ForEach should be KeyValue Pair



I have tried to do what you have proposed but there is a kind of incompatibility between the types of structures in the List and the Dictionary.

I have done the necessary tests to conclude that the process is able to save the Excel information in the storage structures but nevertheless I can not recover them. I will attach my process and Excel to be able to get closer to the problem.

If you can help me, I’ll thank you.

Very kind and thank you very much,

A greeting.

Main1.xaml (18.3 KB)
Example.xlsx (13.0 KB)

the inner loop must refer to item in the outer loop…

dic is Dictionary(string,object)
item is KeyValuePair(string,object)


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