Doubt related to Selectors

There is a fluctuations in the values of a selector (Link within a table) on a webpage… One thing is common in that value… Can we use something like contains, for example, in the attributes values of selector?

we can use wildcards to replace the dynamic parts with *
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What if only certain part of the string value is to be matched? And the location of the text within String is unknown

it doesn’t matter when we replace with * the dynamic parts of attibute values, the bot will take any value that occurs in that place
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this happens only if it is placed at the end of the string, I suppose

Hi @Pankit
Yes we can do this. the part which is common keep that in selectors and the part which changing use * in place of that.

If It comes in Between we can use Variables and wild cards in string editor property of selectors.

No @Pankit
even we place in the middle it will take or exclude both the middle and end part and replace with * , it will work for sure
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Suppose, I know the second word in the string… Though, this word can occur at 3rd or 4th position next time… What can be done?

Better replace the whole value of a attribute with a wildcard
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The part I want is what is making me spy that element successfully… That’s unique… but within a string,