Doubt on Queue

i did dispatcher but values not updated in queue , i dont know why
i attach the zip file please help me.Invoice (681.1 KB)

Hi @naveen19,

I created a new queue in my orchestrator using the same name as yours. It got updated with the records successfully… See the screenshot below…

Some times the queue summary does not get updated just after it is populated… Just like below…

but when you go into the queue and view the transactions, its there :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!! there is nothing wrong with your workflow actually :slight_smile:


@naveen19 as @Lahiru.Fernando said Exactly it works fine. Nowadays Demo Orchestrator doesn’t show remaining Queueitems in Front.

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Thanks your right! its my mistake i couldn’t saw tat.

No worries :slight_smile:

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How to read queue value?
and how to compare the queue value with Data Table of ACME?
if its matches i need to write CSV

you have two activities to get the queue items from the orchestrator…

  1. Get Queue Items - This retrieves all the records from the queue into a IEnumerable variable.

if you use this, you can use a For Each loop (argument type UiPath.Core.QueueItem) to loop through it just like below…


  1. Get Transaction Item - This wil only retrieve one item from the queue at a time… The output of this will be again a QueueItem variable. If you are using this, you will again need an iterating workflow process because it only extracts one record at a time from the queue

To read the extracted value. you can use the same command I have shown in the message box in the above screenshot…

Hope it helps!!


thanks bro!

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