Doubt of using REframework

Guys, I have a doubt. I am using REFramework when I am going to call the other “robots” (other processes). Log in to SAP, create an order in ME21N and then do MIRO. For these “robots”: Logon SAP, ME21N and MIRO. Did I create it as Process? Or I also have to create Robotic Enterprise Framework

You should start with Blank template.
After you had enought experience with uipath, enroll level 3 in Academy to know about REFramework
About your question,

  1. Create a Blank project → you will have Main.xaml
  2. In Design Tab, click New> Sequence to add more 3 workflows for SAP, ME21N, MIRO
  3. In Main, please use Invoke Workflow File to call SAP, ME21N, MIRO