Doubt in certification practical test

Just finishing my certification practical exam and I am having some doubts on the requirements:

At the end of the test it says:
Zip ALL the used workflow files AND the output Excel file. Then upload the .zip file to the UiPath Certification Platform.

But there is no mention of creating any output Excel file… Is there some text missing here?

Hi @lisbeth.skogland

If there is no output Excel File then you just Zip the project folder and upload it.


It is just a default statement.
Just zip your entire project folder and upload it. That’s it.
If something is wrong, you can get in the evaluation comments.

Karthik Byggari



When I did the cerification I was supposed to create an excel file as output. But as Karthik Byggari wrote it might be a default statement and that they have changed the test since. (I took the test in middle of November)


Thanks everybody. It seems KarthikByggari was right. Just a default statement.

There was no excel so I zipped everything and uploaded.

Have passed now and gotten my certificate :slight_smile:


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