Doubt about automation

I have an automation that uses a target and anchors like this in the image, but in some cases after the search, 2 records are displayed and the automation doesn’t know which one to click and stops working, I don’t know how to solve these cases?


Hi @Rodrigo_Buch,

Which one should you click here? As I understand it the app lists all results in that date range. If you need to click on the most recent one, you should always read the table by datascraping, then you can select the current date using dynamic selectors.

If it is enough to click on one of the two, define an idx and define the selector to click in the first row.

You can share the selectors for more detailed suggestions.



I can always click on the first line

great, isn’t the field you want to click like below?

If so, could you please share its selector? @Rodrigo_Buch


I redid the creation of the target and it anchors in this search that brings the 2 records and now it is working.

Thanks @muhammedyuzuak

Great, I’m glad it’s resolved. @Rodrigo_Buch

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