Double input on iPad

I am currently trying to create tests for different kinds of mobile devices. When using a “Set text” activity with an iPad, it doubles each character. So if I wanted to set the text to “UiPath”, it would input “UUiiPPaatthh”. The same activity works with iPhones, Androids, and non iOS tablets. Is there a workaround for this?


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Did you check with Type Into activity ? If not then check with this activity also.

Unfortunately that activity doesn’t work with mobile. Set Text is the only activity that can type with mobile.

I don’t know if this is your issue, but I’ve seen reports of this being an iOS issue, reports of people saying just regular typing on their device does this.

I don’t think it is iOS. It works on iPhone and works fine when manually typing and manual copy and pasting.

Turns out Uipath only works on versions before iOS 13 for iPad it seems

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