Double Click highlight correct image but wrong choice from selection list

It highlights the correct image but when it run, it selects another option instead.
Can anyone advise?

@Jirachi_Jen Can you Check it’s Selector and also can you post a Screenshot of it’s Selector?

@Jirachi_Jen Can you Open in UiExplorer and send the Screenshot :sweat_smile:, There might be other attributes that can be very helpful

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@Jirachi_Jen Please Indicate the Element that you want to Select and send the Screesnhot of UiExplorer

Hi, is it like this? sorry i am new to Uipath, so trying to learn

@Jirachi_Jen Yes, In the Right Panel, Uncheck CSS attribute and Check aaname Attribute and Check if it Works, Also Remove idx Attribute.

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