Double click as a hot key

Hi all,

Can anyone please tell me of how to use double click in webpages with send hot keys.

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I think there is some confusion there… Double click is done with mouse and hot keys with keyboard…

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You can use Click activity instead of Send Hot Keys

But any specific reason you are looking for hotkeys?

Try to use Activites instead of passing Hotkeys

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Hi @Srini84 , @bcorrea
Thank you for your replies.

Actually am working on a citrix application and using image automation on it. When I click a particular image on that application, the element image will change and not fixed it changes but the cursor position will be at that location only. I need to double click on that image for further actions but unable to click on that image because the image changes and not a fixed image. So I want to send double click as a hot key to perform a double click action.