Double clic tcd excel


In a loop, double click one by one in column D of the tcd. How to do in for each row?
Is this the right activity?
Thank you

Hi @Virginie_V
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May i know why u need to click the Column D ?

Nived N

To get detail into tcd excel.
Thanks for your help, I’m a beginner and new to the forum

Is there any url associated with it ?

No sorry

Did u need to extract the values in column ?

D9=Feuil1 New file
D10=Feuil1 New File
D11=Feuil1 New File…
D12=Feuil1 New File…

@Virginie_V - Do just want to double click each cell starting D9 right??

What is the objective of doing this, ie. double clicking each cell? Could you please provide your requirement clearly?

Dear all
Thank you, your remarks made me think and I did otherwise and I got there.
I do a datatable filter on the source of the tcd.
Thanks a lot
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The goal is to have an invoice list by supplier but I got with your comments, I did and it’s ok.

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