Dot character

I’m automatizating the creation of users in MS Active Directory connecting via RDP to the domain controller.

When I enter the email which would be with a “Type into” Activity the dots get lost I guess because the dot is a special character.

As “Type Into” text I tried:

but nothing works and I get always: JohnDeer@xxxxxx
supposing having:
name which is a string =“John”
surname which is a string = “Deer”

Typing the dot character manually into the Active Directory windows works fine.

Could anyone help?



Have you tried using & instead of + to concatenate?
What about trying “.”.ToString or “.”.ToCharArray?
Maybe also try using SendWindowsMessage or SimulateType property.

I have never seen this issue, so I’m not sure I can help that much. But, you could also research online for potential other solutions.


Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately no success in doing what suggested. I guess the dot is a special character. I tried with “.” but no luck as well.
I tried also to type into a notepad.exe running of the server I connect to via RDP with no success i.e. the dot is not recieved.

Any other idea?


Hi All,
we solved the issue using the following workaround:
“Set to Clipboard activity” with “.” as text + Send Hotkey with “Ctrl + V”

We were told that it might be related to the Keyboard Layout not set to English (US), but we havenì’t test this solution since not feasible for us.


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