Domain of Exchange Mail Message

Hi guys i have an email of work that the enteprise give me, now i want to do an exchange email with uipath but i don’t know what is the domain.

Before i did a demo with smtp email and it works, in that case the domain was: “”, but with an exchange email what is the server name or where can i see the domain?

The Gmail Exchange ActiveSync settings are:

  1. Gmail Exchange ActiveSync server address :
  2. Gmail Exchange ActiveSync domain : google.
  3. Gmail Exchange ActiveSync username: Your full email address (for example, me@ gmail .com)
  4. Gmail Exchange ActiveSync password: Your Gmail password.

about microsoft?

If you have Outlook installed, that activity will be easier… If not, the details from your server maybe this will help:


Server settings you'll need from your email provider.

Outlook Server details : “

Exchange server details : “