Doesnt ReFramework template come in community edition

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I am using community edition 2019.12.0 beta. I expected to see a template upon clicking the Robotic Enterprise Framework (inside new template),however, all I get is a blank page without any separate blocks for init , get transaction , end process etc. Doesn’t the template work for community edition. Please assist.



Yes, the REF works with the community edition of Uipath.
did you try to resintall Uipath or reboot your laptop ?

Of course, RE Framework will work with UiPath community edition. You better try reinstalling the studio and try again.

@loginerror can you take a look at this?

I re-installed UIPATH and restarted my system just now. But I still do not get the template in ReFramework.r

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Yes of course we have in community edition
Once after choosing the REFramework template as a PROJECT template it will open as you have now

Click on Main.Xaml in the project folder
That would open the main file

Cheers @reshma_mohiyiddin

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Hi Palaniyappan

Thank you . it worked. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Cheers @reshma_mohiyiddin

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